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Mirando el Mundo con los Ojos Cerrados

Bordering Genius and Insanity

14 October
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My name is Jeff.
I am smart (sometimes).
I can draw well.
I am an International Affairs majors.
That is all.

(Yer Mom)
1984, 28 days later, a midsummer nights dream, acrylic paint, albert camus, alien ant farm, along came a spider, ancient african history, arabic, argentina, art, belle & sebastian, ben kweller, birkenstock clogs, blind melon, blue man group, bob dylan, bob marley, boondock saints, brand new, buddhism, buenos aires, camping, candide, cheez-it's, chicago, chile, clerks, clue, coldplay, crime and punishment, cursive, damien rice, daphne loves derby, dashboard confessional, dave matthews band, death cab for cutie, deism, dogma, donnie darko, dorthea tanning, douglas adams, e.e. cummings, edgar allan poe, egyptian mythology, european history, existentialism, fall out boy, fight club, flagstaff, foo fighters, franz ferdinand, friedrich nietzsche, gabriel garcia marquez, gone in 60 seconds, goo goo dolls, good bye lenin, green light bulbs, guster, hamlet, happy gilmore, heart of darkness, hindusim, hot hot heat, incubus, indo-pakistani relations, jack johnson, jeff beck, jimi hendrix, kevin smith movies, latin america, lawrence ferlinghetti, led zepplin, liberalism, life as a house, limbeck, llamas, mae, mars volta, melee, model united nations, modern language, modest mouse, moe., murder at 1600, music, nihilism, office space, okapis, one act plays, opperation hummingbird, pajama pants, parking lot chats, pcu, peach faced lovebirds, pen and ink, phish, photography, pineapple parrot bay, politics, post modern art, prismacolor colored pencils, psuedo mickness, radiohead, reading, rem, rwanda, salvador dali, samuel taylor coolridge, san diego, saves the day, seven, sharipes, siddhartha, slaughterhouse five, solaris, sonic the hedgehog, south central african politics, south park, spanish, spokane, surealism, taco dip, taking back sunday, the beatles, the daily show, the dandy warhols, the decemberists, the doors, the early november, the kinks, the new pornographers, the plastic constellations, the rolling stones, the shins, the tempest, the united nations, the used, the wallflowers, theater, third eye blind, thursday, traffic, tye-dye, waking life, weezer, wilco, william shakespeare, world affairs, writing